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Types and are Values


One of CUE's most powerful features is templates. A template defines a value to be unified with each field of a struct.

The template's identifier (in angular brackets) is bound to name of each of its sibling fields and is visible within the template value that is unified with each of the siblings.


// The following struct is unified with all elements in job.
// The name of each element is bound to Name and visible in the struct.
job <Name>: {
    name:     Name
    replicas: uint | *1
    command:  string

job list command: "ls"

job nginx: {
    command:  "nginx"
    replicas: 2

$ cue eval templates.cue

job: {
    list: {
        name:     "list"
        replicas: 1
        command:  "ls"
    nginx: {
        name:     "nginx"
        replicas: 2
        command:  "nginx"